Happy VE day

So, another week has gone by already! The year 5 staff all hope that you and your families are happy and healthy. It is so strange not seeing each other for such a long time: thank goodness we have this blog so that we can share what we have all been doing!

It has been a very active week at school. On Tuesday, the children at school decorated these beautiful pots and planted flowering plants in them. They are going to add even more colour to our rainbow fence. If you are at school, please remember to water them. 

On Wednesday, the Y3, 4, 5 and 6 children all worked together on an art project. We divided up a painting - The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt - and each copied one section, adding our own creative flair. At the end of the day, Mrs Purdom put them all together to make our version of the painting. It looks great! 

On Thursday, there was a bit of a VE day party. The Y5/6 children baked some wartime buns (without egg) and made bunting; they then invited the Y3s and 4s to join them on the yard. It looks like fun!

The children at home have also been doing lots of different activities - some from the home learning suggestions and some that they have thought of themselves. 

This boy has been doing all kinds of lovely things, including having a camp out to celebrate his lockdown birthday! You can see his dog drawing in the estate agent's window in Crosspool. 

This girl has also done a variety of activities to keep her entertained. That cake looks amazing! 

This boy has been working very hard, as you can see. He also made a PowerPoint quiz about Greek Mythology, which Mrs Loosley enjoyed doing (even though she didn't get all the questions right). 

This girl has been extremely busy as these photos show. She was inspired by the picture task to write a conversation with Pete the octopus!

Inayah has been creating some great cartoons and self portraits. 

This girl has also been very creative, drawing this detailed and realistic self portrait. 

Ellie has been very busy this week - she was at school for 4 days and did all this home learning on her day at home. 

Amelia has also worked hard this week as you can see. Well done!

If you are celebrating VE day, have a great time and enjoy your weekend everybody!

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