Friday 8th November

Forest Schools

Well we certainly didn't let the rain stop us!  Rohan Wilson from Foresteers came and introduced our sessions.  We started by getting ourselves into teams and then building dens.  Everywhere was pretty mucky and slippy but we made some super dens to keep us dry from the rain.  He also showed us how to tie two sticks together with string and then we had mini sword fights.  To warm up, we had toasted marshmallows around the fire and then we had some hot chocolate.  4CW were that muddy from the amazing mud slide that 4JP had created before them, that afterwards they had to be washed down in the big lake that had steadily grown on the bottom yard.  

Many of us were wet, muddy and cold but we all had a super time and it was a wonderful way to kick start our lessons in the woods.  Hopefully next time we go in it will be slightly better weather.

And here are Y4JP in action!

We made dens and snuggled inside them. Some of us relaxed in the hammock.

Rohan showed us how to chop firewood with a special tool called a billhook, which looked really scary. We all had a go. It was harder than it looked.

We chopped enough wood to get a fire going and we all toasted marshmallows and dipped them in our hot chocolate. Yum!

We couldn't believe we were allowed to make a mud slide. It was absolutely brilliant. 

Here is a picture of us, before we went out (looking very clean) half way through (looking very wet) and at the end (looking very muddy) What a day!

Apologies to all parents and grandparents for heavy duty washing on Thursday evening but it was well worth it. The children showed an incredible amount of resilience and good humour throughout the day. A great time was  had by all and now you know that when we say we go out in any weather - we really do mean it! 

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