Friday 9th October

It has been another exciting and enjoyable week in Year 6. We have completed our whole school art work and some of the girls in 6SW were proud to show their fantastic trees. They will all be displayed around the school.

Some of us also benefited from Bikeability sessions, and it's more important than ever to celebrate cycling to school and the benefits of travelling actively for children. The Year 6s all progressed really well, gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads.


We have been learning about kindertransport in World War Two. It is in preparation for the Holocaust center that we are going to next week (Tuesday 13th October 2020). In maths we have been doing some multiplication and in literacy we have been learning about flashbacks and what they are along with modal verbs. We have also recently done bike ability and whole school art, and we did for our whole school art we did clay characters from fairytales.


This week we have rarely been a full class as some of us have been doing bike ability. In bike ability, we have been practising our bike abilities. We practised getting on and off the bike and riding around Sheffield.

Back in class, the rest of us were looking at the incredibly unfair laws that restricted the Jews in Germany during the Second World War. We also were finishing our biographies and writing them up in our best work books. There was lots of variety in the choice of people. There was authors, actors , celebrities and footballers.

Finally, we completed our whole school art pictures. We chose giants

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