Goodbye Y5 and happy holidays!

So, we have come to the end of the summer term and what a strange term it has been! Whether you have been doing your learning at home, or in your small bubbles at school, you all have one thing in common - you are AMAZING! The Y5 teachers are so proud of you all and have loved speaking to you on the phone, seeing you at school and finding out about all the brilliant things you have been doing since we were all together in March. The Year 6 teachers are looking forward to having you in their classes and you will have a fantastic year with them.

We have some great work to share, for the last time this school year. 

This boy has sent in some of the brilliant work he has been doing at home (this is just a selection!). You can see that he has been working very hard indeed. Well done!

Simeon has also been busy, creating his very professional 3D model and an interesting and well-researched RE presentation. 

Samed has been checking and learning the Y5 and Y6 spelling words - a great way to prepare for September. He also created this informative poster, to welcome the new Y5 children on their first day back.

Some other children have created these great Y5 posters. We think the new children will love them! Thank you for sending them in.

The children at school have also made some posters; we will put them all out on the desks for the new Y5s to see when they come to school on the first day back!

Thank you to everyone who has shared their work on the blog. It really has been a great way to feel connected and will bring back lots of memories when we look back at it over the years. 

Have a lovely holiday everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you all back as Y6s in September!

The Y5 teachers 

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