Happy Easter holidays

Hello everybody. We hope that you are all happy and healthy and that you have enjoyed your Easter holidays - whether you have been at home or at school. 

The children at school have had lots of fun doing a wide range of activities: art, baking, DT, Karate, Japanese writing, climbing, card tricks and much more. The children at home have also been very busy, as we can tell from the fab photos we have been sent. Please keep them coming - it is lovely to be able to share what we've all been up to. 

Ellie has made this great board game. We expect her family have enjoyed playing it. 

This family have also been very busy, baking, making, drawing and creating this amazing rainbow to support key workers. I'm sure this has made lots of people smile when they have walked past their house. 

The next photos show that someone else has been working hard, including performing as part of the Sheffield Music Hub's 4pm 'Garden Gig'. We hope you got a big round of applause from your neighbours!

We have many talented artists in Y5 and one of them has created her own website to showcase her fantastic art work. We think you will be impressed!


Phew! What a lot of great things have been going on! The Year 5 teachers had a meeting on Zoom last week and we are all missing you but the photos and emails from your parents are helping us to keep up to date with what you are all doing. We will share some more next week. 

Take care everyone!

The Y5 teachers. 

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