A rather warm week!

We have had a heatwave in Sheffield this week and it has been very warm at school - and probably at  home too. However, it takes more than a bit of hot weather to stop the amazing Y5 children learning and we have had another very busy (and a bit sweaty!) week. 

The children at school are now working in 3 'bubbles' - R/J, EC and W/R. In the W/R bubble, the children have been working on their 'water carrying' paintings, mixing colours carefully to create their backgrounds. We can't wait to see the finished paintings. 

They have also been researching places of worship in RE. These girls have worked really hard on the presentation of their work. 

The children from the R/J bubble have been creating their own advert scripts this week; they went outside to perform them and recorded them on iPads. They have also been skipping for fitness - very impressive on one of the hottest days of the year!

Sophie has been working on her 'water carrying' painting; she has created a stunning background which really makes the silhouette stand out. She decided to make a realistic 3D river poster and has also shared some great English home learning work. She chose to write her 'special place' poem about her garden. 

Inayah has also written a very effective poem about her special place - her bedroom. 

This boy loves drawing - especially dragons! He has concentrated on details of the dragons in these realistic sketches. 

Bea has shared lots of her home learning this week, including her informative non-chronological report about the scientist, Eva Crane. 

Ellie has also shared a range of great home learning, including an interesting and beautifully presented river poster. 

Sam used water colours to create his rivers poster. He has also written this interesting and imaginative booklet about the Amazonian Graven fish - a creature he has invented himself. 

Remina has been a home learning star this week and has all this work to share - well done!

Simeon has worked hard on his advert script in his English work; he has also created a great river poster. 

This boy (with help from his brother) has enjoyed creating this fantastic 3D river poster, using bits of recycling, toilet roll paper mache and tissue paper for the bushes. As you can see, he has also done lots of other excellent home learning work, including solving the maths challenge!

Over the last few weeks, we have seen some adorable pets on the Y5 blog. To continue the theme, this girl has something very exciting to share - her gorgeous new puppy, Coco! 

This boy also has a new 'pet' but it is not so cute and fluffy - he has got a Venus flytrap! He did some research and made this fascinating poster about other carnivorous plants. He is also learning a new skill - knitting. 

Thank you all for your hard work this week. Your teachers are really proud of you (I know we keep saying this but it's true!) and love seeing what you have been doing, at home and at school. Please keep sharing your photos with us at:   


Have a great weekend!

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