Holiday homework

Another ‘Show us what you know’ homework!

After Christmas, we start our new topic. This time it’s geography based and is called

‘The Amazing Americas’

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In class, we will be looking specifically at the landscape of North America

So, your job this holiday is to show off what you already know (and what else you can find out!) about South America

You should remember lots from Year 4 when you did your project on the Amazon. We would like you to build on this and widen your research. What can you find out about South America? You could choose to look at a particular country, or do some map work about the whole continent. You might want to focus on food or animals. You could research South American rivers or mountains.

You can present your homework however you like. However, if you made a PowerPoint last time, try something different this time. Why not have a go at making an information poster, or a model? You could create a travel guide or a painting? Maybe you could get together with a friend and work on a presentation or a short film?

The choice is yours!

Please bring your research to school on the first day back.

Happy researching and happy Christmas!

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