Learning from Home Activities Summer 1 Week 1 WB 13/4/20

Y6 Learning from home – Summer Term, Week 1 (WB 13/4/20)

**Please let us know if you have any difficulties opening any of the attachments and we will endeavour to sort it out. You should have received a link to access the files on Y6 GDrive**

Here are some suggested activitiesfor learning at home this week.

We understand that working at homewill present different challenges for each family so we have tried to includeas much self-directed learning for the children as possible. The children donot have to complete it all and we leave it to you to gauge how much your childcan achieve. We have emailed some worksheets and presentations for some of theactivities (as well as sending you a link to the Y6 GDrive). These could be printed if you are able to but this is not essentialas you could display them on a screen and the children could work on any pieceof paper or in a notebook.

Please email the Y6 teachers at year6@lydgate-jun.sheffield.sch.uk with pictures/ documents/ presentations toshare the home learning you have been doing.

As well as the activities below, remember to read every day, practise your times tables, look at the sheet withthe links to lots of PE activities or choose something that you would like tolearn about. The most important thing is to make the learning work for you, withinyour family.

We hope that you are all keeping safe, healthy and happy. We miss you all but hope to see you soon.

PS. Year 6....Don't forget to help your family by offering to do jobs - being helpful and kind makes such a difference to everyone!

Here is a list of the activities (please find a copy to print out attached to the email), with a space to tick off the ones you have completed:


Reading Activity

Read ‘The Giant’s Necklace’ and then answer the questions about the text.

Writing Activity

Create a storyboard that retells the story of the Giants Necklace.

SPaG Activity

Verb Tenses:

Write sentences in the past, present and future.

Identify if they are in the simple, past or progressive tense.

Write a paragraph about in the present perfect or progressive tense – can someone else guess who you have written about?


Theme Park Maths

Design a theme park with a budget of £500, 000.

Design your theme park, with accurately drawn areas for each attraction. Remember not to spend all of your money – you need some for running costs.


Watch the video to remind yourself of how to calculate percentages. Select at least five examples to calculate (you can do them all, if you would like to) and then have a go at the mini investigation.

1, 2, 3 and 4 challenge

Your challenge is to use the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the symbols +, -, x and ÷ to make all the numbers from 1 to 30.


Time Capsule

Create a Covid-19 time capsule. Either print off the sheets (if this is possible) or use the ideas to create your own capsule, in whatever way you choose.


Diet for a footballer

(Use Power Points, word documents and question sheet)

1. Read through the Power Point on a footballer’s diet.

2. Your task is to design Mr Bradshaw a new diet that will help him get fitter for the new football season.

TOPIC/SCIENCE – Healthy Bodies

The organs of the body

(Use the PowerPoint)

1. Draw the outline of a body and draw in all of the organs that you think that there are.

2. Make a mind map about the organs of the body or annotate your diagram.

3. Watch this clip, summarising the major organs:


4. Use Body Map sheet to make a lift the flap annotated diagram, with labels, detailing the location and function of the major organs in the body.



(Use plan and PowerPoint)

Draw a range of stick figures to convey different emotions.

Artist focus

Research the artist Alberto Giacometti and make a timeline of his life.

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