Home Learning Tasks WB 11-5-20

Dear Year 6,

We hope that you are all well and keeping busy (maybe planning a VE Day celebration - do send us a photo if you have done anything special). Due to the bank holiday, we are sending next week's work a little early. Please find your home learning suggestions for this week in your emails. We have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about what you have been up to. Keep up the fantastic work.

This week there are a few extras. Firstly, there is a whole school music project which involves some sewing to decorate our piano cover. Also, as it should have been SATs week, we thought that instead of you getting tested on what you have learnt, you might like to test your teachers. You can set a challenge in any area of the curriculum (or a challenge just for fun) and your teachers will have a go at completing some of them over the next few weeks. We will let you know how we get on...

Remember to get in touch if you are struggling with anything - just email us via year6@lydgate-jun.sheffield.sch.uk

Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.

The Y6 Team

Y6 Home Learning – Summer Term, Week 5 (WB 11/5/20)


Teacher test

As it should have been SATs week this week, we thought that instead of you being tested on what you have learnt, you could test your teachers instead! If you wish to, come up with a challenge for your teachers and we will have a go at completing some of them over the coming weeks. So pick a subject, send it to year6@lydgate-jun.sheffield.sch.uk and test your teacher!


Reading Activity

(See worksheet )

Florence Nightingale reading comprehension.

Writing Activity

(See plan)

Create a vegetarian recipe and write it up.

SPaG Activity

(See worksheet)

Write a diary entry and then highlight the determiners in your writing.


Theme Park Maths

Calculate your profit for the first year.


(See video and worksheets)

Subtracting fractions.


(See sheet)

Creating a pattern of repeating shapes.


UNICEF’s Rights of a Child

(See worksheet)

Article of the week – complete the activities relating to this week’s article.


Yoga and mindfulness

(See Power Point)

Select one or more activities from the pic ‘n’ mix, yoga, challenges and mindfulness.

TOPIC/SCIENCE – Healthy Bodies

The double circulations system

(See Power Points and worksheet)

1. Recap what we have learned. Look at Power Point 1 and complete Task 1.

2. Task 2: find out about William Harvey.

3. Task 3: Look at Power Point 2 and complete the activity.


Figures in art

(See worksheet)

Create a piece of artwork based on what you have learned about moving figures in art.



(See worksheet and video)

This week your challenge is to add a game over element to your maze game.


Lydgate Piano Cover Project

(See worksheet)

This is a special project where you have the opportunity to create a fabric square for our piano cover, if you would like to. See the worksheet for details.

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