Reading Areas

We have been busy organising and decorating our class libraries. All of the children have now chosen their first reading books. They can choose two books each - one from the book band colour that the teacher has directed them to and one that is free choice from any colour/section of the library. We talk to the children about how to choose books that are appropriate for them and we provide a wide variety of books, magazines and newspapers for them to find something that they enjoy. We want to encourage a love of reading.

We have recently added many new books that we purchased from funds donated by FOLA. We have tried to make our reading areas look inviting with colourful displays and plenty of comfy cushions to sit on. The children are enjoying spending time in them.

Y3D/deB and Y3SH chose their favourite books and wrote their recommendations on colourful kites that are displayed for others to read. Flat Stanley is flying amongst them too!

Y3AW and Y3N/R have a large tree above their book shelves.

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