Keeping busy at home this week

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us with pictures, poems and notes to tell us what you have been doing at home this week so far. The teachers have really enjoyed seeing what you've been up to so please continue to send things to us.

We will try to post some of your work on this blog to keep everyone in touch with what others are up to. We have already posted some Wa Wa pictures and poems, and here are some of the other things that children have shared with us. We will keep adding to this post so please keep checking back to see what's new.

Lots of children have told us that they have made pictures of rainbows to put in their windows.

As we didn't manage to make our money containers in school this week, Rafa has been busy making and decorating a money box at home.

Iona has been busy sewing her purse design.

A few children have told us that they watched the Pete McKee cartoon drawing workshops this week and enjoyed doing some drawing. Here are the cartoons that Leon has drawn.

If you didn't see the workshops, then why not give it a go? You can watch them at:

This boy has been very busy and has been on a field trip, completed a science experiment, done daily exercise with Joe Wicks, made rainbows and followed the art lesson by Pete McKee.

Here is someone else who has been very busy and looks like she has had a lot of fun!

Some children were inspired by the 'story in a shoebox' project that we did in school this half term. Art designed a new story box based on Harry Potter and has started writing his own version of the story.

Freya has been writing a sequel to her mermaid story.

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