Learning News

It has been another busy week of learning. The children who have been in school have been doing the same as their friends at home. Here are some of the things they have been doing...

For maths, the children have learnt about angles. They have been finding and measuring right angles and comparing the size of angles.

Aidan has found lots of right angles around his house:

Here is how Leon compared angles to a right angle:

Some children didn't have a set square at home so they made their own. Here is Lyla's colourful right angle:

The children in school made some right angles into creatures to help them measure:

The children found out all about the foods that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten. They then made up a menu for a café using only foods that were available 2000 years ago - no pizza or chips! Notice the wonderful description they have used to persuade you to order.

Here is Orla's menu:

Art has drawn this beautiful Greek vase:

We started a new science topic this week all about plants. Here are some beautiful diagrams of a plant with the main parts labelled.





Some children have been doing some extra creative writing of their own. Arlo wrote this wonderful story:

Lyla wrote a limerick about a dog called Lenny:

Lyla has also been busy with Lego. She has made a floor plan of a house.

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