Another Busy Week

It has been another week with lots of creative ideas for keeping busy and learning at home. Once again, thank you to everyone who has emailed us to let us know what you have been doing. We really enjoy reading everything you send to us so please do continue to keep in touch.

We have seen lots of great examples of maths work from fractions, to times tables, to playing games, singing and measuring. Leo and his family have been enjoying playing a board game that they would recommend if anyone is looking for something new to play. It is called 'City of Zombies'.

Eddie has made a stop motion animation with Lego. It must have taken a very long time to make as he has taken a lot of pictures to make the characters move so smoothly.

There has been some more great cooking going on this week. Leon made a butterfly shaped pizza.

This girl looks very happy to be making banana bread.

There has also been lots of lovely art work. Lyla made a ladybird.

Rosie made these beautiful flower prints. She was inspired by the artist Chiara Camoni’s vegetal and flower prints, which she saw at the Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno in the Spring. Chiara learned about the ancient Welsh tales in The Mabinogian of a Flower Maiden called Bloudwedd, and made a beautiful set of prints to illustrate this myth. Rosie made herown by gathering plant leaves and flower petals and pressing them onto cloth,using a rolling pin: the colours from the stems and petals created shapes whicharranged to look like her own fairies and pixies, and a little brown bird witha long beak!

The children in school made some rainbow heart dangles.

This girl has been learning all about electrical circuits.

Phoebe enjoyed the emoji quiz we sent home so she made one of her own. Can you guess which books they are (scroll down for the answers)?

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