Maths Eyes

We set a challenge this week to use your 'maths eyes' to look around for when things are divided into equal groups and think about how this relates to fractions. Here are some photos of fractions that people have found:

Libby noticed that each egg was 1 sixth of the box and labelled them. She then used one egg to make some gingerbread and had 5 sixths left.

Kate arranged the 10 segments of her orange into 5 fifths.

Arin used boxes of eggs to show 1 third and 12 twelfths. He also explored the fractions on a clock.

Sammy used Minecraft to count in sevenths.

This boy saw fractions in some birthday balloons. He said that 2 eighths of the balloons are yellow and 1 eighth is gold.

Freya made some blueberry muffins and noticed some fractions before she baked them. She said that the green cases were 2 twelfths of the whole tray and that there were 1 sixth of the blueberries in the green cases. There are lots of equal groups in this picture. Can you spot some more fractions?

Ciara has circled two-fifths of her hatchimals. She has also arranged them in an array! Can you use her picture to answer the question: What is 2/5 of 15?

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