Money notation and number lines

In our maths lessons, we have been working with money. We have worked on counting money, adding and subtracting shopping bills and working out change.

The Y3 team made a decision this year to write amounts of money as, for example, £3 and 52p instead of £3.52. The reason for this is that the children are not introduced to decimal notation until Year 4 and we have often found that they can be confused when recording money. This is particularly true for amounts such as £1.05 as children have often, mistakenly, written £1.5 instead. This is possibly because they read it as "one pound five". Writing it as £1 and 5p stops this added confusion (it makes them say "one pound and five pence" - a small but important difference), and allows us to concentrate on understanding how to calculate with money.

The children will record money as decimal notation from Year 4 onwards when they understand what it means.

Today, we have worked on using number lines to show how we count on to find change. The children have enjoyed pretending to buy items in our Lydgate shops! One way to practise this skill at home could be to set up a pretend shop, label the prices and then invite the family to 'buy' some things.

Here are a few examples of the 'change' number lines:

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