More great learning to share

Hello everybody! 

It has been another busy week, at school and at home, with lots of great learning going on. 

At school this week, the children learnt to use Morse Code, as you can see in the pictures. They then used the circuits equipment to make 'telegraphs' to send the messages to each other. Miss Cunningham was too busy helping to take photos of that part of the work!

This girl had been working hard on her graphic score and amazing self-portrait; she also made these beautiful tree decorations. 

You can see from these photos that this girl has also been working hard on her home learning - and celebrating VE day. She has also found time to get outside and be active. 

Anya had the great idea to design a post-lockdown celebration label for Henderson's Relish, which she sent to them with a letter. She was very excited to receive this lovely reply and some great gifts. I'm sure these will help her to remember May 2020!

This boy and his brother have been finding lots of ways to make learning fun: making a den, drawing and doing lots of baking. I bet these rainbow biscuits taste as good as they look!

This girl has been a home learning star this week, writing this interesting story, learning about life cycles, making banana bread doughnuts and being a fashion designer. 

This boy has done some great maths work this week - he has really got the hang of reflection. He also made a yummy-looking VE day cake, using only 3 ingredients. Here is the recipe, in case you would like to try making it. 


  • Ø 350 grams (3 Cups) of any Cookies powdered
  • Ø 370 grams (1 ½ cups) lukewarm Milk
  • Ø 2 ¼ tsp Baking Powder

*PLEASE READ*: The flavour of your cake will depend on what cookies you choose to use! For more chocolate flavour you can add:

  • Ø Nutella
  • Ø Chocolate Chips
  • Ø Additional Cocoa Powder
  Method: Firstly, powder the cookies until grinded finely. The reason this recipe works is because if you take a moment to think about it cookies have all the same ingredients as a cake so consider the cookies the dry ingredients. Mix your powdered cookies along with the baking powder and lukewarm milk. At this stage, mix all of that until the batter is smooth. Next, pour the batter into a greased pan parchment paper. Make sure your parchment paper is also greased.  Put it in a preheated oven at 170° C or 340° F for 15 minutes. Do not over bake this cake. Once you have removed the cake from the oven, allow it to cool for 3 minutes. At the end you can decide if you want to put some sort of icing on top once it is finished.

Remina has also been working hard, as you can see. She used different materials to create this interesting water collage. 

Sam has made this fantastic moving buggy. It was a challenging project, with quite a few problems along the way, but he worked patiently to make it work. He also sent a video of it working really well!

Another Sam has been learning about water in different ways: he did an experiment with his Grandad (on Facetime) and created this effective water poem and collage. He also shared this lovely letter which he wrote to a local care home. I'm sure it cheered them up a lot. 

Imogen and her brother have been enjoying playing this game. It is a fun way of practising maths skills. 

This girl has baked these delicious-looking scones. I think she is looking forward to eating them in this photo!

This boy made this model space station for his project over the Easter holidays. This week, he and his brother received this super surprise to go with it - a picture of a spacewalking Tim Peake with a very special message to them and the children of Lydgate Junior School! What an exciting delivery!

We have had some fantastic responses to Mrs Smiths 'patchwork piano' project this week and she is delighted with the photos she has been sent. She is really looking forward to seeing them in real life and joining them together when we are able to come back to school. It is not too late to make one of your own - we need as many as possible!

Thank you for all your hard work this week year 5. Your teachers are all really proud of you!

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