More Home and School Learning

Here is the Year 3 learning news from the last week.

Lots of children have told us they have been enjoying reading and listening to the Greek myths. We have received a few more storyboards and stories of Theseus and the Minotaur.






The children have been practising using inverted commas to show direct speech. They read the Greek story of Icarus and imagined what Icarus and Daedalus might have said to each other. Here are some examples of their work.



Still on the theme of Ancient Greeks, the children have been practising key patterns. Leon made drawing of a beautiful patterned vase:

Jacob made a design for a 2020 vase that shows the pandemic and modern technology.

Freya made her designs out of gingerbread. They look great!

The children at school read the Robert Louis Stevenson poem 'My Shadow'. They practised reading it aloud thinking about the rhythm and rhyming patterns. They then memorised one of the verses. Listen to them recite the verses here.

Here is Thomas' diagram showing the parts of a plant:

There has been lots of creativity happening again this week. This busy girl has designed and built a shoe rack which she painted in mermaid colours. Very impressive!

Eleanor used her sewing skills to design and make a backpack for her unicorn teddy out of an old vest.

She also made a huge, beautiful family picture with her younger brother.

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