More Learning at Home and School

We have lots more examples of great work and activities that the children in Y3 have been doing this week to share with you.

The children have been practising how to use speech punctuation. They watched a short video called 'A Cloudy Lesson' about an old man who is teaching a boy how to blow through a wand to make the clouds in the sky ( There is no dialogue in the film so the children wrote the conversation that they thought the man and the boy might have had. Here is some of their writing.

We have been very impressed at how well the children have been doing with the maths work on fractions. We have seen lots of diagrams drawn to help the children to work them out. We have a few more weeks planned on fractions so keep up the good work!

We hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations. A few children have sent us photos of the bunting they have made and have told us about their sandwiches. Matilda made a cream cheese and smoked ham sandwich and Zaina made hers with jam, blueberry and whipped cream. They sound delicious!

This girl decorated her bunting with all of her favourite things.

The children who were in school on Thursday held a VE Day 'street party' in the afternoon. The Y5/6 children had baked some cakes using a wartime recipe (no eggs). It looks like they had fun!

It has been another week with lots of art and creative activities going on.

Leon made a penguin out of a milk bottle.

Lyla made a castle for her toys.

Arin has been creative with his Lego.

All of the children who were in school on Wednesday worked on a large piece of art. They each had a section of the painting The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt that they copied in their own way using pastels, paint, pens and glitter. At the end of the day, all of the pieces were put together to make one large picture. We think it looks great!

Here are some other activities that the children have been doing this week:

Hayden hosted an online quiz for 21 of his classmates! The Y3 teachers were very impressed and it made us smile to see all 21 faces on his screen. Here are 2 of his questions. Can you answer them?

This boy made a sundial using his shadow. He went outside and drew a line every hour from 9am to 6pm.

Some children who watched the BBC geography lesson have drawn maps of their local area.

A few weeks ago, we set a science activity to carry out a soil experiment. Leon has kept observing his experiment for three weeks. Here are his results.

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