More learning to share

Wow! What a lot of fantastic learning we have to share this week. Children in school and at home have been very busy and have been making the most of the lovely sunshine too.

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages and photographs to keep in touch. We are missing you all so it's lovely to see what you have been getting up to. 

Mrs Wymer, Mrs Purdom, Mrs Hornsey and Mrs Allen worked with the children in school on Wednesday. We had a lovely day and made the most of the weather, doing most of our activities outside. We did a circuit training task on the top yard and made suncatchers and rainbow tags for our rainbow fence. You could add something to it too, if you would like to. Your grown ups have been sent the details on this week's home learning email.

Meanwhile, at home, this clever boy has learnt to use a screwdriver safely. He went on a bike ride to collect sticks and then used his new-found skills to make this fantastic bug hotel. Brilliant.

Some of you will have seen the handstand Tshirt challenge - well, this person sent a video to her teachers of her actually doing it. We were all very impressed! She also enjoyed making and using binoculars this week. Well done.

Hollie has been enjoying David Walliams' new book 'Slime' and has also been drawing, painting, baking and gardening. Here is some of the work she's done too. Excellent.

Olivia has been working on the Snowala Koala illustration project. We know Janine will be thrilled with these!

Olivia has also found time to learn some new creative skills - glass painting and pyrography. How lovely.

 This scientific lad has been busy learning all about arctic animals this week. Looks like he enjoyed doing the blubber experiment! Great work.

Alex has enjoyed learning all about the Arctic too. He made this powerpoint all by himself and he's very proud of his efforts. Quite right too.

Ellie made this information mat about Arctic animals, using the sorting and matching activity.

She also made this brilliant leaflet after doing some research on wolves. Fantastic work Ellie!

She wasn't the only one who enjoyed learning about wolves. Look at this fabulous annotated diagram.

Allen worked really hard on his annotated poster too..

Gus was so inspired by the wolf poem he decided to illustrate it. Good work Gus!

Isabel has continued her outdoor learning and created a menu using natural materials this week. She designed her own food and price list. Who wouldn't want to visit this cafe?

A couple of you had a go at the toilet roll challenge. We love these two designs - can you work out the films? 

Here's someone who says he's missing school but is trying to keep busy at home. He's been riding his bike and has made this fantastic Inuit igloo model. 

He also wrote this amazing poem. We will leave you this week with his thoughts.......


Life has changed since the outbreak
Things may not look bright during the current state
A few words I would like to give
To explain how we can all stay positive

Stay safe, stay healthy, go for a run
Rain, wind or in the sun
Play, be silly laugh out loud
Even if above, theres a dark cloud

Its no time to be nasty or mean
We all must work together and stay keen
Be happy, be kind, to one and other
Mum, dad, sister or brother

Although schools are closed
Friends teachers we all miss
You can use the internet to stay in touch
Its just bliss

People have become ill, so if you feel scared
Stay close to your family, who have always cared
Be thankful and appreciate the brave
Who have risked their lives, so others can be saved

One thing we all know that is for sure
To this nightmare there will be a cure
As the world stands together in this fight
Life back to normal, is in our sight.

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