Nearing the end of the Spring Term in Year 5!

This term , our class ( Y5AP ) have been finishing working on a music piece about space and its atmosphere . Our class really enjoyed working on this piece ; we had several different groups and we all worked on a different music pieces with 5 different notes - G,A,B,F,E - . We also have been working on a piece of writing ( persuasive speech ) practising using modal verbs and persuasive language. In this piece of writing , we have been practising using all the Y5 key writing skills ,which we have been practising all year round. Finally , we have been starting to make Viking longboats in DT ( Design Technology ).So far, we have made a rower, some shields and some of us have started to make the longboat side . So far we have really enjoyed Y5 . We can not believe that we only have one term left in Y5AP.

By Anjali and Stella.

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