Reverend Nockles' visit

On the 15th of March 2018 we had a very special visitor come into Lydgate Junior school. She was called Reverend Nockles. She taught us about the Easter story and how it meant so much to Christians like herself. After that, she showed us some very famous paintings of the Easter tales. The first one was painted by Leonardo da Vinci the second one was painted by Mark Chagall. Finally, the last one was painted by Caravaggio. It was very interesting because the last one had a space at the end of the table with no seat and that made it look like you were standing there at the scene.

We found out  some very interesting information about the Easter story. Before she left she said she came from the church that was across the road. It was a pleasant church although it was quite small. She also left behind some sheets of paper so you can draw your self in the scene at the table.After all of that, she gave us each a slip of paper that said there was a lego competition in her church, which was also about Easter, the task was to make a little basket out of lego and when you have finished they would put some eggs in the basket (depending on the size of the basket).  

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