Science This Week

This week in science we leant about air resistance .  For our experiment, we made helicopter spinners out of paper and  timed how long they took to fall to the ground with more or less paper clips, different sized helicopters or different size wing's. We found out that with more paper clips the faster the helicopter fell. The bigger the helicopter, the slower it fell and the smaller the helicopter, the faster it fell. And finally the shorter the wings faster it fell. And here are some of the results we found,  with 5 paper clips it took 1.13 seconds but with 1 paper clip it took 1.41 seconds, then we tested the shorter and longer the wings when the wings where 2cm it took 0.86 seconds but with 6cm wing took 1.22 seconds and finally the bigger helicopter took 1.57 and the smaller helicopter took 0.74.    

by Phoebe and Danny

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