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This half term in Year 3, we are working on adventure stories. Over the next few weeks, we will be reading lots of exciting stories and gathering ideas for making up our own adventures.

We started by watching a video called 'The Dreamgiver' (see The teachers stopped the film before the end and we wrote descriptions of the scene when the boy finds himself lost in the forest (from 2:50-3:30). We used the senses and powerful verbs to build a picture of the scene for the reader. Lots of children even managed to include some subordinate clauses in some of their sentences.

Here are some extracts from our great writing:


The boy felt the soft, grassy ground. Even though he was stiff, he climbed up from the ground and stared around. It didn't look familiar but how beautiful all the nature was!  - Rosie

As he pulled his transparent space helmet, he felt the fresh and clean air rush up his nose. Orange, pink and red butterflies fluttered over his head. An orange butterfly perched onto his knuckle.  - Harry

He stood up from the hard floor and when he looked up, he marvelled at the sight. There were big brown trees looming over him.  - Dejan

He gazed up at the long green and blue trees bending over him. They were shading him from the blazing hot sun that was peeping through the gaps in the trees. He could smell nature's fresh, sweet berries and plants.  - Isabelle

He was astonished at what he saw. There were pink and orange leaves on the amazing tall trees. He took a stroll. Suddenly, he saw a small stone statue near a huge rock. Even though he was scared, he pushed ahead.  - Karma

He meandered along taking every fresh smell in from the daisies to the roses. At that very moment, the sky grew paler and the air grew colder. He felt a cold shudder go up his spine.  - Isla M

Butterflies came fluttering down as quiet as a feather. Immediately, the sky went from morning orange to dark gloomy grey. The little boy saw deadly bones scattered around the floor. Before he took one more breath, he ran across to the edge of the forest.  - Isla D

Almost immediately, all twenty-nine butterflies flew away and the whole world seemed darker. A cold, harsh chill ran down his spine as he peered up and saw a huge totem that seemed to be staring down at him. Jo was afraid. He darted in the opposite direction yet only to see another totem and another and another.  - Coralie

Although shocked, he was intrigued by it all. He walked up some stone steps and out of the darkness a dark, evil eye looked at him. What was it?  - Martha


The boy felt exasperated as he tumbled down onto the ground. His eyes flickered, amazed before opening them fully to discover the magnificence of the forest. When he first looked up, he gazed at the bright light flooding in through the gaps in the colossal trees.  - Phoebe

Alex could see the shimmering light piercing through the vast canopy. Alex could smell earthy moss around him, and the earthy mist lingered around the forest.  - Rhys

As he looked up, Jim saw a glimmering light and twisted trees, like a witch's bent finger. He heard a humming noise. Jim looked around. Suddenly, he spied some wrecked stone faces as he crept deeper into the forest.  - Charlie P

Arlo fell down on top of the mossy undergrowth where the trees swished gracefully in the gentle breeze, and the butterflies fluttered their beautiful orange wings.  - Jasmine

As he found himself laid on the mossy blanketed wood, trees towered above him into the deep blue sky. Then a swarm of butterflies fluttered past him. An amazingly strong light trickled down through the trees.  - Rowan

Max could feel warm UV rays reach his white distinctive costume. The colossal trees blocked the sun from Max's eyes, but instead he saw something better. He saw the slithery serpent like creature entwined in branches like a plait, but wood.  - Emilia

Birds tweeted and landed on the canopy of colossal trees, and he felt the cool breeze on his face. The strong scent of the forest filled his nose. The crumbly old trees towered above him, as if they had been through a war.  - Poppy

Just at that moment, he sprung up and saw dozens of orange butterflies. He slowly put out a finger hoping one would land on it and it did. Ronald was amazed. The tree's beautiful leaves blocked the shining sunlight coming into the forest.  - Erin

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