Summer 2 begins!

Welcome back to our first week of the final term of the year and what a good week it has been.

The children at school have been busy, working in their new social 'bubbles'. They have enjoyed working on fractions; reading and writing stories about Ananse the spider; learning how to draw zentangles; Bollywood dancing and listening to the story of the Titanic.

Here is some of their maths work, using bar models to add fractions together.

Take a look at these storyboards telling the story of Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom.

Jumping Dice is a game where you have to do a different jump depending on what number you roll. Some were really tricky, like tuck jumps and full turns. Look at these action shots!

ZEN means calm and TANGLE means doodle so ZENTANGLE must mean calm doodling. We put on some calming music and had a go at zentangle. It was very relaxing.....

We are all going to be listening to Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo. It tells the story of an adventurous cat who ends up on board the Titanic. We are looking forward to finding out what happens.

We have spoken to lots of our children at home on the telephone this week and we really enjoyed catching up with everyone's news. You are a busy lot! 

Ellie has been finding out all about the Titanic and has made this information poster showing all the facts she could remember. Great drawing too Ellie.

Maisy has made this presentation all about the Titanic. Good work.

Remember our clever seamstress? Well, she's had her sewing machine out again and made this gorgeous skirt. We think we might see her on 'The Great British Sewing Bee' one day!

Josh has been doing some work with his brother on rivers. He has learnt how they are formed and has made these fun water safety symbols. We love these Josh.

This positive girl has been learning about the Dalai Lama and has made her own jar of happiness that she is looking forward to filling with happy thoughts. What a lovely idea.

She's not the only one to find out about the Dalai Lama. This busy lad has been following his posts on social media. He's also worked hard on conjunctions and a colour-coded food diary. What a varied week!

Ethan enjoyed the working on the Anansi story. Here is his storyboard plan and finished piece. Well done Ethan.

Sophia has done an online course which means she is now a 'Lockdown Superhero'. This is her certificate.

She has also worked hard on her writing. Here is her work on Florence Nightingale and a lovely piece of writing about the four seasons. Keep up the good work Sophia.

Alex has been busy making a mini-den with his dad. He says it is actually a home that is meant for sparrows but could be inhabited by any garden bird around Britain. He wrote this report to tell us how he made it. Fabulous job Alex!

Ruby loved working on the illustrations for 'Snowala the Koala' written by our author friend Janine. She was the first to finish Janine's new challenge: to create pictures for a story called 'Dazzling Dentures.' It's a funny rhyme about looking after your teeth. We think Ruby's illustrations are perfect for the story.

Olivia has been very creative too. She took up the book cover challenge over the holiday and came up with this clever image. Mrs Purdom is very impressed with this. Absolutely beautiful!

Here's another couple of inventive ideas. These pretty flowers were made using cotton buds. The other picture is of a beach made from collage materials and food colouring. So clever!

And she is famous this week too. The Yorkshire Post did a feature on the Botanical Gardens. Can you spot her in the flower bed? Maybe that's where the inspiration for her flower painting came from!

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