Super learning, sport and sundials

Hello again everyone. Our blog this week showcases more fantastic learning from our Year 4s. 

As well as keeping up with maths and English, we have also taken full advantage of the weather and taken part in a virtual sports day, made some shadow art and even been human sundials! 

As always, there are many other things you would like to share with us -  this is the perfect place to do it so take a look at what we've been up to.

RD bubble escaped the heat today by going into the woods to do some sketching. They found some lovely shady spots to do their work.

Ellie worked hard on this diary entry inspired by 'A Cloudy Lesson.' Mrs Purdom thinks it is beautifully written.

Ellie isn't the only person to enjoy writing. Back in April, Maisy entered a story writing competition about cats and dogs. She is now a professional author because her story has been published in a book!

Sotirios has been working on this story called 'Galaxy Wars' for quite a while. IT's finally finished and Mrs Wymer is very impressed. Be warned - it's not for the faint-hearted!

Harry has worked on a comic strip activity from BBC Bitesize. We like the fact the giant boot is a blender - very clever Harry. Mrs Drury loves this.

He also had fun with the sundial activity. He noticed how the sun moves through the day and the effect this has on his shadow. By 8.00pm, his shadow was over 16 feet long!

Here's another human sundial. Look how clear that shadow is.

It was great weather to take part in our virtual sports day too, if a little hot. Hope you remembered your suncream and water bottle.

We know he loves his science, here he is working inside on an experiment that shows how the digestive system works. Messy but lots of fun!

Alex did the experiment and wrote a report to show what happened. He said it is officially the most disgusting experiment in the world! What do you think?

Ninaad has been looking at digestion times. He used excel to record his results. Mrs Smith is really pleased to see this Ninaad. Great work.

Isabel took some time off learning last weekend to celebrate her birthday. It looks like she had lots of socially distanced fun and even those butterflies made an appearance. 

She has made this stunning model of the Titanic this week. It's almost as big as her! Great work.

Molly has been learning about the Titanic too. She made these tickets to show the difference between the classes on board. 

She also wanted to share her Florence Nightingale acrostic poem from a few weeks ago. Very impressive Molly.

Molly has also been very busy creating a book called Rabbitropolis, all about an underground city. This is the front cover design. We're looking forward to reading it Molly - it sounds very intriguing.

She has even found time to apply for a Blue Peter green badge, which are awarded for letters and pictures about the environment and conservation. Here is her letter. Fabulous effort Molly.

George has been busy again. Look at all this work! If you look closely amid the maths, English and history, you'll see some work about Bear Grylls. George is inspired by his bravery.

Holly thought we would be interested in these owl pellets she found and dissected. You can clearly see the hair of the animal the owl ate and then the little bones all spread out. Holly loves birds of prey and is looking forward to going to Wales to spot red kites.

And finally, we saw photos of Josh doing piano practice last week, well now we can hear him! He has been working hard to perfect this piece. We think he's done an amazing job. Just brilliant.

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