Tapas Tasting and Dragons' Den - what a great week!

This week in year 5 we tried some traditional Spanish tapas. Some of the tapas foods were very like the English foods. We tried sausage, ham , cheese, roasted peppers, olives , artichoke and melon from Spain. The foods were saltier and more stronger tasting than English foods. The  tortilla de patatas ( this is like a potato omelette) and the chorizo were homemade by the teachers and they were delicious.

In literacy, we are doing a project  called Dragons' Den . We had  to design and show off our products like you would  on the show Dragons' Den. After we have shown off our products, the teachers will choose a winning 2 products in each class to show in front of the entire year group. You are in groups of three and you design a product together and present your product in front of the class. May the best team win and get a big prize!

Maya and Eva 5AP

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