The Big 50 Sofa Challenge

This week we watched the BBC Look North do the big 50 sofa challenge. we watched them push the red sofa being pulled and pushed past our school. when they got to our school, they stopped to film us! We all got the camera pointed at us. seeing the sofa being pushed and pulled past our school was very fun! We all had the time of our life. We all had money donations to put in a bucket- they did this to raise money for sport relief. They pushed the sofa from the city centre to Stanage Pole and we all cheered them on (our school) it was very exciting in fact we would want to see it again next year (if  they do it). Some people brought in signs or banners to hold them up to cheer them on. We got to talk to the people from the BBC we learnt a lot about the challenge, they said the sofa was very heavy so it was hard work!


Toby.R and Lincoln.P 5/AP


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