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Welcome to Lydgate Junior School.

We aim to ensure that all children receive a high quality, enjoyable and exciting education.

We feel that our school is a true reflection of the community we serve. Lydgate children are well motivated and come from a range of social and cultural backgrounds. Within the school community we appreciate the richness of experience that the children bring to school. This enhances the learning experiences of everyone and it also gives all pupils the opportunity to develop respect and tolerance for each other by working and playing together. We want your child's time at Lydgate to be memorable for the right reasons - that is, a happy, fulfilling and successful period of his/her childhood.

Yours sincerely,
Stuart Jones

What to do when the Risk Assessment does not reduce the risk far enough

Published: Jun 12, 2021

'Write a thorough Risk Assessment', they say, as if the production of the document will magically reduce risk or remove hazards. The document is NOT the objective.

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The Chase

Published: Jun 05, 2021

Are sponsored events too soft? Shouldn't they require a little sacrifice?

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The Lunchtime ‘Tick-Tock’

Published: May 21, 2021

On a typical, but wet, lunchtime, this is the running order for 480 pupils in 16 classes across 4 year groups and occupying 4 open-plan ‘bases’ and 5 ‘mobiles’ in order to have all get their lunch and get a Covid-safe play outside.

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Does cash in the bank burn a hole in the pocket?

Published: May 16, 2021

We have money left over from last year, and a forecast of more left over this year – nearly £70,000 altogether. Should we: pay down debt, set it aside for a rainy day, or spend it all while we have it?

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Not EoKSA Week

Published: May 09, 2021

Why do boys lag girls in writing at this age? And is there anything we can / should do about it?

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Quietly covering the consequences on curriculum learning

Published: May 02, 2021

How we are going about addressing issues as we move from pandemic to post-pandemic periods. There is a lot to restore and a lot to consider, and only a limited capacity for either.

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Are we playing a game?

Published: Apr 25, 2021

Why we do not simply ‘play a game’ in PE, And why we do not support the formation of a football European Super League.

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Fifteen balls, a skipping rope and one hockey stick

Published: Apr 06, 2021

On a hiding to nothing in some areas; when to accept you cannot change something

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Listen twice as much as talk

Published: Mar 27, 2021

Developing a communication service standard

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What is the calorific value of gravy?

Published: Mar 19, 2021

Food waste, and why it matters?

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