Positively Speaking

I was pondering the half-full / half-empty view of life. I find that I habitually challenge colleagues and friends to look at things the other way round when we are questioned or perhaps sell ourselves short, or fail to see what strengths we have and what achievements we have made.

2% off full attendance for pupils last term? That would be 98% attendance – some 15% to 20% ahead of national average.

Two of our identified ‘vulnerable’ children not taking up our offer of in-school provision? That would be 37 ‘vulnerable’ children who are in school.

Only three laptops to give out to support remote learning for disadvantaged children and families? All three given out straight away.

‘Snow days’ causing schools to close? ‘Open’ as per usual and providing both in-school and remote learning.

Staffing difficulties in schools leading to difficulties with provision? We have managed to appoint, and start, maternity cover that provides for remote learning support in all year groups by the year group staff.

Complaints to Ofsted? Far more praise and thanks being received than concerns, questions or complaint. Parents overwhelmingly are supportive, appreciative and warm in their thanks. We salute them for their patience and care.

Children are less active during lockdown? One of our Y6 classes won a city-wide virtual football competition.

We are missing out by having no peripatetic music teachers in school? Lessons continue on-line as they have done throughout each lockdown, and in-between.

We know we are not perfect, and probably not ‘Outstanding’, but we reckon we do well (probably deserving the ‘Good’ grade we hold) and we are constantly improving. We will, together, do this well.

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