Guidance on safety and Covid-19 precautions

We are planning on going ahead with our ‘open classrooms’ invitation for next week, but I have had to remind parents / carers of the expectations and arrangements to reduce the risk of virus transmission as far as practicable. In public health terms the safest thing would be not to do it. But to support vulnerable and anxious children and adults we need to let some people visit – parents have told us they really miss not seeing where their child goes after they part at the gate each morning.

If we accept we have to allow some on site, and that we do not want all parents on site, then we look for ways to reduce the risks. One way is to reduce the numbers –

  • This is not an essential event – we are offering a chance to visit so that any anxious parent or pupil may briefly visit the cloakroom and classroom their child now uses. We want to keep numbers in school low and so we are not expecting every parent to use the opportunity.
  • We do not anticipate any parent / carer will need to visit on both afternoons (Monday and Wednesday) when we are opening.

If some are on site then we also want to reduce contacts and mixing –

  • Each classroom will have a one-way system – in through the cloakroom and out through the Fire Exit – to minimise contacts and household mixing. Your child will know the way!

We want to keep in place all the basic hygiene steps we use during the day –

  • Handwashing on arrival is a routine for the children – please use the handwashing facilities available (or use hand sanitiser).
  • To allow rooms to ventilate fully we will bring the children out of school at the end of the day as usual. If you do want to come in then you will be welcome to return with your child from then and up to 4:30.
  • Face coverings are not required but would be appreciated.

We will keep ‘contact’ to a minimum period, so it would not constitute a ‘close contact’ (i.e. be physically close for an extended period of time) –

  • This is a visit to familiarise yourself with the cloakroom / entrance, classroom and where your child works each day. It is not Parent Consultations (to be held next half term) or a chance to look through books. Therefore teachers have been instructed not to put out any books, work or presentation – that will come later, hopefully.

And crucially, we are reminding everyone that they should not be here if they should not be here –

  • No one should be on-site if they are showing symptoms of the virus, or have been instructed to isolate.
  • Staff having been using LFD Tests since last academic year. LFD Tests (home test kits) are freely available to all households. Please use one prior to your visit, and only come if that test is negative.

We hope the opportunity will settle some anxiety and meet some needs, but all while limiting the risk of virus transmission.

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