Plus ça change (as they say in France)

There is a lot of paper coming out of those files, folders, ring binders and cupboards, and very little of it is going back in. Some of it pre-dates me as Headteacher (I started at Lydgate Junior School in April 2013) by a considerable stretch – you never know when you might get asked for a look at an old document, do you?

(I do occasionally get asked for a personal data disclosure - subject access request – or for old planning documents.)

One of the things that has struck me is how little education’s ways of working have actually changed in that time. So far, I have found:

  • Pupil target sheets – we do this still, by individual and class and year group
  • One to one tuition profiles – we are about to start one to one sessions in November
  • Subject curriculum plans – just as Ofsted are wanting schools to have in their latest Inspection framework
  • Briefings on gas price increases and local authority tendering – only the price has changed
  • Teacher standards – same name, different colour and format
  • Planning for interviews – as we do when we need to
  • Premises improvement plans and ‘snagging’ – tell me about it!
  • Pupil progress discussions – ours are planned in (focussed on writing)
  • Recorded discussions on the behaviour policy – ours is sitting on my desk, ready to launch a review and consultation
  • Books on classroom behaviour management – eagerly taken by a trainee colleague

We are moving towards the digital perfection, and hope to reduce paper records considerably this year.

I wonder what we can do with the floor space under the empty cupboards I’ll be creating?

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