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Amongst their points of advice is:

Whole Staff Meetings and Parents Evenings: Settings are encouraged to maintain these as virtual where possible.

Ensure windows are open to facilitate good ventilation, and particularly in areas that have been shown to have poor air quality following testing.

Reduce mixing between groups as much as possible.

Consider carefully whether any events that bring people together in large numbers can be managed safely or could be managed as virtual events.


Parent consultations did run well last year as virtual / online activity. We recognise the desire of some parents to come into the classrooms and meet the key staff face to face, and that is why we held our ‘open classrooms’ early in the term. But Consultations will be online again in November. By doing so, we simply prevent having up 400 adults in school, mixing and meeting people they do not normally meet with. It protects staff, parents and families.

The School Christmas Disco is a classic. We have had them all on one night previously, running two each for two year groups. Having the doors open to provide ventilation would spoilt the event. Having two year groups in together – potentially 200 children – would mix and have ‘large’ numbers. I have directed that we cannot hold these this term.

FOLA have had a hand in running Film Nights; we put out all the chairs in the hall, show a film, pass out fish and chips, sell some snacks and drinks, and make a few quid. As above, though, this would involve ‘mixing’ of groups as we only do it one night in a term (as we have to cancel other activities and staff this). It would also bring in a team of adults who are not normally in school. They would have to work close together, effectively as ‘contacts’. Every child would have to be picked up by an adult – and it would either be indoors – all into and out of the hall, or out in the dark on the playground with the risk of losing track of all the children. I have had to postpone this idea, too.

We are putting on a Scootfit experience (outdoors in school time), welcoming a Shakespeare performance for Year 6 (no mixing beyond the year group) and preparing for some new educational visits. They are controlled and meet the restrictions outlined above, but not without considerable careful thought.

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