Rumours of my retirement are only slightly exaggerated

I will be retiring at the end of the academic year, not at the end of this term.

Governors have known since September.

A recruitment process is underway.

The advert goes ‘live’ on Wednesday 23rd December, with shortlisting and interview and appointment (hopefully) all before February half term holiday.

The next Headteacher is completely unknown at this time – there are no insider candidates or sure-fire candidates.

The School Council has been consulted and will be involved.

I get no part at all in the process. Governors will make the selection decision.

I really hope it goes smoothly and well and works first time.

I gave as much notice as I could so that Governors could advertise twice if needs be.

Headteachers have to hold the national professional qualification.

I am old enough to retire – not State Pension age perhaps, but old enough, and more, to access my employee’s pension.

I won't be taking the backroom staff with me - it's not like football management.

Ofsted have not been and so I am not leaving after a poor Inspection.

I don't think any of our Supply Teachers will be applying for the job.

It's 'Headteacher' - not 'Headmaster'.

This school enjoys phenomenal continuity and lack of change in staffing – in my nine plus years here I have appointed about half the teaching staff only, which means it would take 20 years to change completely!

I anticipate a lot of interest – who wouldn’t want to work here?

The process is bound to include lots of visits from potential and actual candidates – the children will get to meet them all.

So; I’m here until August 2022 – this Blog has a few more posts to come yet!

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