What's your favourite condiment? - how advantaged are we?

I had just 10 minutes with Y4S/S this afternoon – how do you fill 10 minutes?

Well, we had a conversation about our favourite park:

Endcliffe for the café,

Graves for the animals,

Norfolk Park for the sledging,

Bole Hills for the roly polys,

Bingham for the scooting and skating,

Botanical Gardens for the flower beds and ice cream,

Endcliffe for the hours spent just watching a water cascade,

Weston for the museum and the bridge over the pond and the band stand,

Rivelin Valley for the alpaca walking,

Hillsborough for the duck pond and the disability biking,

Endcliffe again for the wide open space to run about in,

Bole Hills for the swings and BMX tracks.

And then there was one pupil who told the class that he did not know any of these because he lived across the city and did not know any of the parks.

That’s when you remember that advantage is not universal, experience is not equal and that even simple things, like going to the park, are not something that every child in any school has done.

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