World Book Day

The engagement level was much more than in previous years, even though that was always good. No Oomph Loompas this year, which was a surprise, but there were cartoon characters, old classics, inhabitants of magical kingdoms, alien life forms, pirates, princesses, superheroes, boys in dresses and girls with moustaches, kids in suits, kids in cardboard wrappings, kids in wigs and hats and scarves, and all sorts of everything.

It felt like the first time we have been able to let go and actually just enjoy an event for two years, and the demand for it was huge.

Parents and children certainly did their bit. Staff had prepared all many of active learning activities, including an outdoor book-themed treasure hunt. It came as no surprise at the end of the day that some children told us it was the best day they had ever had in school.

Bringing back these events is on our to-do list (also known as the ‘School Development Plan’). We have some booked and in preparation already. There should be a summer concert, choir performances of Joseph, sports days, sports competitions, trips to places, faith-based celebrations, a bookshop in school, FOLA events and invites – the list will grow as staff put their own plans together.

I think this move will ultimately see off any remaining nervousness about safety – we will run events, with a few subtle control measures remaining in place (exactly why, on a wet Thursday, the Treasure Hunt was outdoors), and they will be safe, successful and highly engaging. We will then want to do another, and each person’s anxiety level will subdue.

In the footer of every page of my Headteacher’s Report to Governors each term is our strapline – this is a Rights Respecting School that delivers an engaging and exciting education for all. It is what we hope WBD 2022 provided, and why we have continued with such events as much as we possibly could over the past  six school terms.

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