If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat.

There are 72 days left of the school year (just 70 for the pupils at our school), around 14 weeks. It’s plenty of time to hone some skills, build some confidence and secure more knowledge. There’s time for numerous maths lessons, practically as many science lessons, PE lessons you wouldn’t want to skip, reading lessons to expand the mind, music lessons to tip the scales, and so on, before we get to July 22nd.

And yet, already thoughts are turning to next year, and the process of preparing pupils for a move to the next year group (and next school in some cases) is in full swing.

Within the city, there are conversations about all aspects of the Primary to Secondary ‘transition’ process, trying to define what it should look like as a minimum – looking at best practice from research and then seeing if we can’t deliver it city-wide rather than by postcode.

Secondary schools, having received their lists of offered places for Year 7, are contacting parents (and Primary schools) with their own offers and activities.

Staff across the Year 6 to Year 7 move are meeting already with outlines for the majority and specifics for the individual pupil. (A good example of ‘equity’ rather than ‘equality’ – every child does not need the same provision, but each deserves provision that meets their needs.)

Staff across the Infant / Junior move are doing the same already. (We have had staff out to Lydgate Infant School, and we have had visitors from Tapton School.)

Teachers in school have started professional discussions about their own development needs, picking out where they’d like to be teaching in September. Parents are taking advantage of opportunities to express opinion on class mixing, mobiles, against bases, and staff preferences.

Pupils haven’t had much say yet, but their turn will come soon and I’m sure they’ll have much to share.

Decisions have to be made fairly soon – new starter parents and pupils will want to know who is teaching the four Year 3 classes, and which pupils are in each. We’ll share it all as soon as it’s in place.

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