'Working at greater depth within the expected standard'

I sat with a pupil in a Year 5 IT lesson this week. She literally punched the air in triumph when making hyperlinks work as she wanted in a PowerPoint slideshow.

I saw a pair of pupils ‘high five’ after a particularly good forward defensive push (in cricket) when facing the class’s best bowler.

I stood in front of a Year 4 pupil as she stuck to the task of scraping her plate clean at the returns trolley, not satisfied until every bean and all the bean juice was removed.

I listened to a School Council member work on her comment to the visiting Director of Education, Andrew Jones, until she had said what she meant, as she wanted it said.

I read an email from a Year 6 colleague who needed more IT suite time so her class could complete the type-up of an assessed piece that they were editing as they proceeded.

I observed a Year 6 pupil demonstrating, with pride and humility, how he had completed a lengthy multiplication problem, including acknowledging the error he had made and explaining why it was an error.

I heard from a colleague about a new writing club we are funding and running in Year 5. The children, set free to ‘just write’ after a minimal input, loved it!

When the teacher assessments for writing are sent in towards the end of June we expect a fall back from the high of 2019’s peak performance. But, in the meantime, we are trying to be smart, to be focussed, and to:

  • model interest in writing,
  • think about the person reading our writing and what we want them to feel,
  • talk about writing and the process,
  • teach the very art of editing,
  • read aloud often and from quality texts,
  • keep doing all the basics right,
  • encourage reading,
  • balance direction and freedom to ‘just write’,
  • show how you can experiment with structure,
  • involve parents / carers, hoping writing is encouraged at home.

We won’t achieve the impossible but we are hoping to achieve classrooms full of children who enjoy (or even love) writing.

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