Eid, Diversity and Equality

We have been working on revising all our curriculum plans, across all the subjects of the national curriculum.  In doing so we wanted to reflect Ofsted’s relatively new focus on ‘The Three I’s’, and on our own focus of reflecting diversity.

There are children and families in our school and our community who are Muslim; they have possibly fasted during the month of Ramadan and would celebrate Eid at the end of the month. We state that we want to recognise, reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community and so this is an opportunity to put those words into action.

Working with a bank of volunteer parents and staff, our Year 5 staff put together and put on a day where the children and adults immersed in the festival – its meaning and its traditions. Some parents might request leave of absence for their children to celebrate the festival; agreeing to these is only recognition, though. Learning more and joining a celebration, we feel, is closer to celebrating diversity, inclusion and equality.

There is, naturally, an Article from the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child for this: Article 14 says that, ‘Children can choose their own thoughts, opinions and religion’.

Separately, we reviewed our Equality Statement this week, ahead of approval by Governors and publication. Religion is one of the nine protected characteristics covered by the Act. Ensuring we teach about faiths, and are actively inclusive, means we put that Equality Statement into action rather than it be a block of words only.

Of course the school community rose to the event perfectly, as we knew it would – children, staff, parents and Governors joined in and helped share the peace and happiness of the festival.

We wish peace, grace and best wishes to all of our staff, pupils, their families and those in our local community celebrating Eid.

#tolerance #EidMubarak

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