A banging barbecue

As usual, a bit of a long day.

The School day started at just after 7:30 when children starting arriving for Fencing Club.

I’ve just arrived home with the 10 o’clock news on the radio after helping with the cleaning up after FOLA’s BBQ event.

I don’t think we could make any fuller use of the school and site than the 14 hours we were in business today.

Within the day we also had a teacher trainee visitor, various volunteers, card club, an open invitation to see the latest whole school art on display at both ends of the day, coding, STEM and Cooking clubs, a parent assembly from a Year 4 class. There was the usual full range of lessons, of course, with PE from the start of the day and a slice of cooking for a group of Year 5 children.

The BBQ wasn’t, perhaps, quite as busy as last year, but it was still a massive success. I truly do not mean the income for FOLA that will find its way to support school and its activities. The success, for me, is the community support it provides. It’s great to see friends and families just spending comfortable, relaxed time together. We had plenty of visitors who have children that will start with us in September – it was a chance to ‘check us out’ in advance, I guess, and they were welcome, too. There was a small group still standing, talking, when we had finished the tidy-up, and they were clearly feeling at home and unhurried. That’s nice.

So whether you came or not, sent in or spent up, helped or happily took part, promoted or provided, thank you for making a great event.

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