Another normal week

I think I have written this Blog post before; but I will take the risk of repeating myself, as maybe the weeks themselves do.

This week has not been anything particularly special and yet has been packed with variety and special, with each year group involved in something extra. These things serve to make every child’s school experience more engaging and more memorable.

On a wet Friday we had a Year 6 class enjoying some time on our wood, with Forest School type activities. At the same time a section of the same year group were undertaking Bike-ability cycle training. That’s been going on all week and will continue for another five school days.

On Wednesday Girls Footballers went to Woodbourne Road soccer complex to play in a tournament. They were a credit, I’m told, and were equally good as winners and as losers.

There was a morning of yoga for Year 4. (Last week they all took a trip into the city centre to watch a private screening of ‘Horrible Histories’.)

Year 3 classes, after having their morning walk exploring Crosspool last week, having been in the kitchen preparing fillings for jacket potatoes.

These activities are on top of the standard breadth of what we do, including more than one hundred instrument lessons, before and after school sport clubs, computing and art lessons, practical science, French and Spanish, the two hour PE Pledge and all our music provision. The visitors who came for a look round prior to applying for Key Stage 2 places could barely believe what we do.

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