Gate Locks – Site Access – Site Security

Magnetic locks, with remote control and operation, have been installed on our Shore Lane entrances. Some parents will assume we have always had such things, some will assume there is a legal minimum standard that would demand them on all school perimeter gates, some will say ‘about time’ and others will wonder what the fuss is about.

They have been a long time coming – it has been only now that we have felt able to set aside capital funds to do the work.

They will not be in place without causing some intended, some unintended, and some unforeseen, problems. They will be in operation while school is in operation, and will be a barrier to unauthorised entry or exit. The process is simplicity itself: come to a gate; buzz to get it in; wait patiently for a member of the admin team to answer, check who you are and your reason for attending the school site, and to release the lock, push the gate open and close it behind you.

It only goes wrong if:

There is no one in the Office to respond,

We can’t hear you at the intercom because of wind (or the noise kids make at playtime),

A site visitor leaves the gate open.

I ask that all site visitors be patient and all report to the Office once on site.

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