New School Building (not ours)

I am pleased to see plans coming out to replace the various poor buildings that Walkley Primary School occupies. I had my final teaching practice in one of them (when it was Walkley Junior School) in 1985, and I found it difficult to work in then. Forty four years later and it is surely due for replacement rather than further tinkering and patching.

The story of the building process is illuminating, and highlights difficulties that would make a similar process here very difficult. Having a large, open, ‘brown-field’ site right next door will obviously help as not clearance work will be needed and there will be no restrictions on use of their current site while building goes on. When we pause for a moment we realise how difficult it would be to mount such a scheme here.

Contrary to popular thought perhaps, research fails to show new buildings by themselves increasing standards in learning or behaviour, and so it has to needed for other reasons – I think basic health and safety, and community well-being, counts.

Good luck to them, and I hope the process runs smoothly.

You can read more on the plans here.

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