Next Week's Assembly(ies) - Global Goals

Each year we return to the Global Goals (, and use the World’s Largest Lesson ( to help each class consider how they, individually and collectively, can help the global effort to achieve sustainable development.

The Goals are written and organised as if by magic into 17 - one for each of our 16 classes and one extra. I can then use that one as my assembly focus. Surely they did not design it just this way just for us?

The Goal I will focus on, number 17, is ‘Partnership for the Goals’ (

This is where it gets amusing, interesting and contradictory for me, as the message can be at odds with other Assembly themes I have used, and written about on these blogs.

I do like to stress how the efforts of individuals are hugely important and at times the only thing each of us can do. The Friends of The Earth slogan, ‘Act Local, Think Global, ( sums this up nicely – I alone cannot stop the melting ice caps but I can turn some lights off at home.  I use the story of the boy on the beach throwing single starfish back into the sea he explains that he is, on each throw, making a difference to that one, even if he cannot save them all.

So each class will consider a Goal, from 1 to 16.

I will explain how the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. I am looking for a useful and physical / visual analogy to illustrate the point – and I have toyed with retelling the Stone Soup story, and with building a 17-brick wall of bricks, each labelled with a Global Goal, a class number or a GG number. I ran the idea of stone soup past a colleague but they didn’t think it worked (she could not guess the point I was hoping to make – that all the ingredients together made a tastier soup than one by itself). And I can see how, by building a wall of bricks in front of my laptop webcam as I ‘Zoom’ the Assembly, it might get distractingly comic as I brick myself out of shot. A mentor in my early years of Headship pointed out that Assemblies did need to be more than just memorable – the message had to get across and be remembered for it to work.

Archbishop Tutu reminds us that we should, ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.’

Maybe, with this in mind, it is okay to build the wall, block me out, and show how the 16 classes and the 16 Goals together, working in unity, can overwhelm the world (and me)?

I’m off to a leading DIY store to buy 17 bricks.

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