(Not quite) The End of Term

Just below you will find a link to the Zoom recording of our final assembly of the year, distributed, accessed and recorded via Zoom, and compressed via Google Drive. The mucks ups are entirely me; the assembly starts after about 30 minutes and the final conversation is unscripted, shall we say – someone came to tell me how it went and find out what went wrong in the middle! I've left in all the delays, all the waiting, all the 'mis-speaking', all the moments where I forgot to 'share screen' and  when the telephone rang on my desk!


I’ve a lot to learn in order to become more effective and efficient at this. We need to be more organisationally resilient by the time we start back in September, so that we can be both ‘COVID-19 Safe’ and operating fully (and ready in case of further interruptions).

I need to learn how to confidently swap and share screens, how to control sound levels (and my own voice), how to edit recordings, compress and distribute them, how to select and change backgrounds, how to increase active viewer engagement, how to enable every class to see and be seen, how to make explicit the start and end, and transitions from ‘collective worship’ to ‘assembly’.

I’m no ‘Silver Surfer’, but neither am I a ‘techno-phobe’; my IT skills are probably somewhere in the middle. I earned a ‘Teachers Diploma in Information Technology: Skills and Management’ with Nottingham University way back in the very late 90s but we all know that the rate of change is exponential and what was cutting-edge then is in a museum now (see the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield for evidence of this!).

It has not been the normal end to the year, and perhaps we all have to learn to accept that it is what it is. The children have once again proved themselves to be immense. Staff have carried themselves wonderfully well during every test and trial and stress. Parents have been supportive even when questioning. Our Year 6 pupils are as ready as they possibly could be for Secondary School. It is a job well done, and we look forward to progressing next term.

We hope to see you all then, if not before.

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