Re-covering the curriculum

After staff had stripped all the display boards in the communal areas of school during the week, and then prepared them for next use, staff mounted our latest ‘whole school art’ after school today.

The theme this term is ‘Fairy Tales’.

Normally we would find a way to invite parents to take a look – with parent consultations on Monday and Thursday next week we would, normally, pre-Covid, have been sure to see children showing proud and curious parents where their piece is displayed; they are in Reception, along the top corridor, in the servery, around the hall, outside and inside the IT suite, filling the music room, up and down both sets of stairs.

There are wolves, ramparts and walls, Rapunzels in towers, mountains and forbidden forests, castles surrounded by magical woods, each telling a section of a story and each produced using a different technique. Every child in every class has made a piece for display.

DfE and Ofsted have stated that they want to see schools getting back to delivering a broad, engaging, quality curriculum as soon as possible. In their early Inspections (report out this week – click here for the pdf report) Ofsted have commented on how those schools visited are planning on getting back to something like a full curriculum by the summer term.

We do not intend to brag, but we do believe we are doing well, and are well on the way with this. Limited space prevents the final pieces falling into place just yet but we have all the core subjects covered, music projects going on, whole school art, out of hours activities, PE indoors and out, visits taken place and planned for next week, selected visitors enhancing provision, swimming lessons in Year 4 and cycle training (outdoors of course) for Year 6.

We do need to sort methods, digitally most likely, of delivering lessons in Mandarin and re-establishing peripatetic instrument lessons, but other than that we really are engaging children in lessons in a broad, engaging and quality curriculum.

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