That's just typical

I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to write about this week; some obvious contenders as a theme were not entirely appealing and might be less of a good read. It has been just the normal, extraordinarily busy week in school, with the usual demands and delights, highs and highers, methods and meetings. We have, I am glad and grateful to say, been able to be fully open once again, and to have clocked up just under 98% pupil attendance (around 10% ahead of national average). We have taught across the curriculum. We have been planning the next steps in school development. We have carried out more premises work. We have been held accountable. We have worked on protecting and enhancing provision. We have read, internalised and implemented new guidance. So, in this typical week I could have written a Blog Post called:

Revised Complaints Policy, Special Weeks, Anti-Bullying Work and Week, Mucky yards, New staff, Admission limit, National Tuition Programme, Attendance, Laptop allocation, Cash / cost / budget spend, Almost all (staff) in, Trees, Skipathon, Virtual football competition, Children In Need, Governors meeting, SEN reviews, New lockdown guidance, Out of school hours activities, Impact Ed mental health survey exit.

As I said – just a normal week.

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