The B of the Bang!

Linford Christie famously did not start his sprint races on the bang of the starter pistol, but on the ‘B of the Bang!’

That’s how our term has started. Every child was in on the first day of the new year (none of this ‘one year group at a time’ idea), and settled in my lunchtime. Normal lessons were up and running by lunchtime. Reading books had all been selected and opened and enjoyed. All our teachers could be seen outside before and after school so that parents had the chance to get to recognise their child’s new teacher.

By the second morning we had spelling and reading interventions running, including children attending Lexia before school. Year 3 children starting arriving on scooters. We had our first Singing Assembly that morning, with some new arrangements by staff in place and working well. Information about half our out-of-hours Clubs and activities went out the same day. FOLA met in the evening to make plans for the ‘End of the Summer’ BBQ in a couple of weeks.

Classes were in full swing by Friday, our third day back: PE was going on in the hall, IT in the suite, maths and counting and science and art and history across the year groups. A second Singing Assembly took place in the Hall (and the newest pupils were fabulous.) A ‘Conker Challenge’ was issued – find the biggest you can and present it to Mrs Ridsdale to win a prize! Homework from over the summer holiday had been brought in and shared, and the next set issued. Spelling was assessed and the half term’s plans in place. A further set of letters went home, advertising yet more extra opportunities. Parents of children in Year 3 checked with us about arrangements for next week, regarding collection at the end of the day, and they and their children, are clearly ready for the step to meeting outside the top gate.

It has been a highly successful and enjoyable first three days for the pupils, and I know that they are keen to return on Monday for more. They are settled, they want to get on with learning, and they are happy and secure in school. The starting pistol has issued  the ‘B’ of the ‘Bang!’ and we are off, learning everything we possibly can, and enjoying as much as we can squeeze in, over the whole year ahead.

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