The Bizarre Mundane

There is normality going on, despite the seemingly overwhelming rush of continuous change that is taking place around us all in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We might have to look for it. The news is full of one story, as is our conversation and possibly our thoughts, but not, it turns out, my email inbox.

Yes, 99% is about the crisis response in one form or other:

Mental health service provision

Catering service resilience

Trade union responses and questions

Risk assessments

Impact ion reporting to parents

June 1st opening?

Recruitment at arm’s length

Governance changes

Transitions into and from Key Stage 2

Staff support

Remote learning demands

Parent challenges on provision allocation

SEND expectations and home / remote learning

Safeguarding changes

Free School Meals in holidays

Locality coordination

Alternative education provision

Peripatetic music

Sports Premium reports and carrying forward unspent balances

School uniform at wider opening

Consulting parents about RSE / Health Education changes

Website auditing

Budget setting in a period of massive uncertainty


And so on, including many, many from colleagues in school (but not working in school).

The contrast came this afternoon – despite all of what is going on, someone agreed the term dates for 2021 / 2022 academic year; I suppose at some point someone has to.

For a few minutes, in what seemed quite surreal calm, I considered where I’d like our five annual training days to fall, and then sent those ideas across to Lydgate Infant School, as we always do, to see if we could agree (as we always do after a nod, a chat or a concession).

We’ve got to be out of all this by then, haven’t we?

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