The Headteacher's Day

07:30 Arrive at school

07:30 Collect up stray balls from yesterday’s play times (car park)

07:34 Remove barrier to ‘open’ a play area now judged dry enough to use

07:37 Take milk to staffroom

07:40 Write up today’s notices on staffroom whiteboard, being sure to include at least one ‘witticism’, focus on staff absence, a delivery / installation and after school activities

07:48 Read and review yesterday’s Behaviour Incident Notes from staff – make note to visit one classroom later

07:55 Return my overnight folder (of ‘homework’) to admin team for follow up

08:00 Leave for Springfield Primary

08:30 Locality F Headteachers meeting at Springfield Primary School – updates, information sharing and local decision making on teachers pay application, SEN funding, Ofsted handbook, Research-led training, Relationships and Sex Education curriculum planning

10:07 Leave to return to school

10:30 Arrive back at school for break duty (Point 1, overlooking top playground)

10:45 After seeing pupils back to class, follow up two points from Locality F meeting with relevant staff

10:54 Assist colleague with sound system / IT connection issue in Hall (new amp installed earlier this week) (needed for Singing Practice and FOLA’s Film Night later)

11:04 Admit defeat with sound system and revert to Plan A – turn it off and count to 100.

11:05 Toilet

11:10 Have conversation I do not fully understand about band width and Wi-Fi and network points and how the techie will be able to explain it so I do understand (and if I am thinking about spending money). Agree to listen to techie next week

11:20 Classroom visits

  • Y5 class in IT suite: notice that some (many?) children are using a generic login name and password instead of their unique identifier. Make note to raise this with staff. Also notice the class is one lesson ahead of my own
  • Y3 class in classroom: notice some children (all boys) swinging on one chair leg. Make quiet comments to them. Have louder conversations with three children about their maths work and what they have learnt this week
  • Y3 class in classroom: check on working attitude of two children I have been asked to monitor on behalf of the class teacher. Both children appear positive about their day. One has had a one to one session with the class teacher today

11:40 Safeguarding conversation with colleague over a recurring concern. Direction given to record, check transition information and contact parent for clarification and assurance

11:52 Grab a cup of tea to take to next meeting (staffroom)

11:55 Start meeting with Deputy Headteacher (delayed for three days now) to discuss staff issues of support, placement, development, performance management

12:05 Have meeting interrupted (twice). Pupils who wander through. A Year Leader needing to share discussions from a PM review. Listen and consider points given

12:15 Short conversation with ‘Cards Club’ leaders about no-show of expected children. Agree they will wait. Need to promote?

12:18 Lunch duty – supporting Midday Staff, and children, during the lunch break, in particular to monitor and improve dining room behaviour and to analyse reasons behind food waste

12:45 Continue Lunch Duty outside, monitoring use of playground equipment and observing activity levels – how many children are not moving about, or even outside at all

12:55 Snatch a conversation with a Supply Teacher on her experience in our school, and about pay rates through Agencies. Explain her options to her

13:13 Thank the class (Y4) for their great attitude when they had entered the classroom and immediately started the task given on the whiteboard

13:14 Pick up some (crisp packets, etc. ) litter left by picnicking packed lunch eaters on my way to wash my hands

13:16 Staff conversation about expected staff absence next week, and cover plans. Then second conversation with another colleague on the same subject.

13:25 Met with the Operations Manager from Taylor Shaw, our school meals catering contractor, for the first time. I responded in full to a ‘Satisfaction Survey’ earlier this week and it prompted a rapid response. Included short tour to demonstrate site issues. Finished with agreed plan of action for communication, promotion, menu selection, data provision, sampling / taster activities, possible curriculum tie-ins, equipment assessment. (Had to fit in break duty while talking. Point 1)

14:50 Revisit Y3 classroom to check on behaviour of a group of boys – have they managed to keep their feet, hands and unkind words to themselves today and all week?

15:01 Hall – get the laptop / amplifier ‘handshaking’ so we have sound for the Film Night. Reconnect laptop audio to amplifier, and re-select input channel. Check with an audio CD and DVD. Why me? Because Primary Schools cannot afford a technician for such things, or spare premises staffing

15:04 Conversation with colleague (Confidential)

15:06 Supporting a child in crisis

15:15 On duty at the end of the day (Point 1 does the 'top gate'), but especially supervising the departure from school of that ‘child in crisis’

Until 15:45 Supporting a parent

15:52 Unlock ‘The Wood’ to allow an authorised access

15:50 Telephone call with parent at the parent’s request. Agree follow up activity for both school and parent

16:00 Drop in to Film Night to check staffing / volunteer numbers. Visibility ensured. Exchange pleasantries and chat with parent volunteers

16:08 Lunch while reviewing a serious pupil behaviour incident (dealt with directly by other staff). More information needed, after calm and professional reflection accepting professional responsibility

16:30 Conversations with various senior colleagues reviewing aspects of staff relationships. To ask certain other colleagues to intervene

16:40 STEM Club leader has child not collected – as senior staff member at school responsibility falls to me to contact parent and keep child supervised until collected (eventually, at 17:35). To review ‘contracts’ and expectations for activity leaders so they know their responsibilities (or who is paying school if we retain all responsibility and have to have staff available until all clubs finish)

17:00 Check on newly installed second Table Tennis Table, lower playground – change plans for Assembly on Monday to mention facilities provided and respect expected

17:07 Checking on TA placement and availability in Y3 – merging timetables to check balance from provision – email to myself to complete work at home

17:25 (and earlier) Call in to Cooking Club. Low numbers but real competition from Film Night tonight. Office say all Clubs are full, so why such low numbers?

17:27 Film Night (to end) (note wet floor, spread of rubbish, absence of sweets, bubble wands not for sale, supervision at hand-over to parents)

17:46 Power down PC suite (8 PCs left on with monitors only turned off – this despite Pupil Monitors' efforts)

17:56 Supervise safe and correct stacking of chairs from Film Night in the Girls' Changing Room

18:10 Borrow a flask for Cross Country refreshments on Saturday

18:13 Pack ‘homework’ for the weekend. (Requests for Leave to consider, general mail, emails, Handling Plans, Risk Assessments prior to visits to approve / annotate, Partnership planning to review and comment on, Governors agenda items to approve, Newsletter to amend and add to, Blog to write …)

18:17 Leave school for home after an easy day

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