The Little Things

Oftentimes it’s the little things that give truth to the story, that provide all the back-up evidence you need to reach a conclusion on a service, a school or a person.

We took the infrequent but regular step of bringing the whole school together twice this week, both in the Hall and on the playground. It takes an age, and is a squash, so we don’t do this often, but we had two good reasons to do so.

On Monday we paid our collective tribute in remembrance of those who served and paid a heavy price for peace and freedom in the world. The whole school listened wonderfully as I showed some examples of remembrance from around the world that were both beautiful and moving. Then we moved out onto the playground at 11 o’clock. Mrs Philips, our brass teacher, played The Last Post and the children fell silent in total respect.

As that last, drawn, note slipped away the children, quite spontaneously, did something that was unexpected and in its way also respectful – they applauded her playing. And then they stood silently for a minute: another moment to make us proud of our school community.

It is difficult to outdo Wednesday's highlight, Year 6 enthralled by a performance of Macbeth, but Monday and Friday possibly have done.

And today, Friday, was the annual celebration, bun-fest, and organised daftness that is Children In Need. ‘James Pond’ was the official fastest duck, and all who had backed him to win then took part in events to find our £20 winner. Children raised more cash by Sponsored Silences, walking three-legged all day, paying to wear RRS colours, buying badges and wristbands, and running the cake stall. We watched some heart-breaking stories and laughed at Pudsey’s techno dancing. Back out on the playground we formed our annual rainbow-coloured heart and later swapped a promise – to respect other’s rights, and to ask that they respect ours.

I believe school has raised at least £1,500 to pass on to the fabulous cause.

We heard from one of our own Y5 pupils who is on a personal ‘Kindness Crusade’, and is, by himself, helping ‘children in need’ right here at our own school. That makes us all very proud.

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